Project Banaclichet

The name ‘Banaclichet’ stands for Banana (French word for waist bag), Climate, and Waste. 
It is a zero waste and no flying challenge.
It is also a great opportunity to change mentalities about:
> how natural resources are managed (water, energy, soil, metals),
> how much waste is produced and how it is managed,
> how we travel, move around and how it affects our environment


Banane / Waist bag

No trash, just two waist bags ('banane' in French) to carry our own waste

Zero waste

Living zero waste is the best way to reduce waste at source. Banaclichet challenge aims to show that it is possible to produce very little waste even when travelling. How? Practical advice is available in our articles (French only).

Climat / Climate

No flying trip

No aircraft

Today, air trafic generates as much greenhouse gas emissions as a country like Germany! We need to change the way we move around.
Banaclichet stays on the ground! For each every plane alternative used, we show its impacts.

Déchet / Waste

Zero waste trip


We know that solutions to tackle waste at source exist on our way, and we are meeting committed people on the way working in agriculture, energy, construction or waste management. We want you to learn from them! (interviews in French)


tonnes of waste produced en 2016*
air passengers in 2017*

* check Ressources (French) for more details


Raise awareness about waste production, waste consequences and the impact of flying.

Convince that zero waste lifestyle is useful and fun!

Show that zero waste is possible when traveling and explain how!

Meet committed people and organisations reducing waste in their daily life and/or job, interview them and pass on their message.

Connect engaged people and travelers who want to travel differently in a sustainable and alternative way.

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